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Zytus, Inc. (hereinafter "Zytus") Employee Referral Program provides a monetary incentive for existing employees to refer qualified external candidates that are hired for difficult to fill position. The career position included in the program is:

IT Quality Assurance Analysts, Richmond, VA:

Develop test plans, test scenarios and test cases from functional business requirements and non-functional requirements. Configure test beds, creating test data, and executing data-driven tests. Travel/reloc to various unantic locs. Send res to Zytus, Inc., 12201 Gayton Road, Suite 201-A, Richmond, VA, 23238.


    Zytus Inc. acknowledges that many times the best employees can be found from the candidate referrals of our own employees. Zytus Inc. has an existing employee referral bonus program in order to promote these candidate referrals. Since the program?s implementation, we have encouraged our employees to assist us in attracting top talent, by offering a referral bonus of $500 - $1000 to any employee who refers a candidate, who is hired for regular employment.

Guidelines for Participation:


  • Zytus Employees can participate in the Employee Referral program with the exception of executive staff employees in the Human Resources Department, and direct or indirect supervisors of the designated job opening.
  • All full time positions that are referred by an employee of Zytus Inc. is bonus eligible for $500 to $1000 based upon the position hired.
  • Employees should complete an Employee Referral Bonus Form and submit it with the application at the time they complete the application for the employment.
  • Only cadidates referred from external sources qualify for the bonus. Anyone who has worked for Zytus, Inc. within the last 12 months does not qualify as a bonus eligible candidate. This includes regula students as well as employees working at Zytus, Inc. through a temporary agency or as an independent consultant.
  • Employee will receive the bonus after the new employee has worked 90 consecutive business days.
  • Both current employees and the new employee must be employed by Zytus at the time of the bonus payment.
  • Employees can make referrals by contacting:

      Kumaran Sivapatham at skumaran@zytus.com

    NOTE: THIS NOTICE IS POSTED in Zytus front office notice board FROM: 01-31-2020 TO 02-17-2020.